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My New Book!

I have recently published a book called Separate Paths is now available on Amazon.

My first book has finally been published! It is a young adult novella about two siblings, Grace and Zach. Grace is a freshman in high school, while Zach is a senior in high school. This book takes place in the beginning of the school year, in the fall months. Zach is the varsity quarterback and team captain for their school's team, and Grace plays soccer, which is a sport she is very passionate about. They both go to the same high school with McKayla and Veronica. McKayla is Grace's best friend; even though they've known each other for a year, they can't imagine life without each other. Veronica is Zach's best friend; they've known each other their entire lives and are each others confidants.

Grace and Zach have never gotten along, even when they were young. They've always had this negativity towards each other for as long as they could remember. Never have they once tried to be nice to each other, because either way, it would somehow end in an argument.

But for some reason, this changes one typical morning. They were just talking, not fighting. It was something they had never done before, and it was...different. But, a good different, ya know?

During school, they were as happy as they could be. Finally, the fighting had stopped and they were now siblings, real siblings.

The next morning, after Zach had gotten into a fight with another football player, he wanted to go get some food from McDonalds. Veronica and Grace weren't completely sure if this was a good idea, but Zach convinced them otherwise. What's the worst that could happen?

But as Zach was driving, he gets into a car crash with another driver because he was so tired from the lack of sleep the night before.

Three hours have passed, and Veronica and Grace are worried sick. They have no idea what had happened, but whatever it was, they knew it wasn't going to be good. Suddenly, Grace gets a call from her mom: they found Zach. He was in critical condition, and needed to be taken to the hospital immediately. Grace couldn't believe it. Right when they were finally becoming real siblings, maybe even friends, he gets into a car crash. Grace longed for her brother, just wanting everything to be okay and back to normal.

Once Grace and Veronica got to the hospital, they have to wait out his surgery to know what's going on. Neither of them knew what to do, because there was nothing on their mind other than Zach. Sooner than they had thought, Zach was out of surgery, but that wasn't the end.

Zach was in a coma.

No one knew how long this would last for, but all they could do was wait and pray for the best.

To see how Grace and the rest of the characters in the book deal with Zach's coma, and to see how Grace and Zach become closer than ever, buy my book Separate Paths. If you go to the "My Books" page of my website, there will be a button that say BUY that will take you directly to the Amazon page to buy my book. There's is also a short synopsis of the book and a video trailer.

I hope you enjoy my book :)


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