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 "I have to bring my family back together.  I’m our only shot. If I make one little mistake, our family will be even worse than it was before. Not only will our family be incomplete, we’ll have to live with the fact that we were so close, and missed. I can’t do that to us. I’m our only hope."

Nicole hasn’t thought about her father in years. She never had to, she had everything she needed with her mom and grandma.

But suddenly, she felt as if a part of her family was missing. She had to know who her father was, and bring her family back together.

With the help of her best friend Blaire, she’s going to travel across the country to see her dad again.

Will her father want to have a relationship with her? Or will he leave her, just like he did 12 years ago?

“Hey sweetie, we found Zach.” It didn’t sound good. She didn’t sound good.

“Where was he?” She didn’t answer.  


“I don't know how it happened, no one does, not yet."

Grace and her brother Zach were always fighting.  

Then, a car crash changed everything. 

Will Zach ever be the same? Will their chance to build a lasting relationship be lost?

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