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My favorite TV show

I think it is a VERY popular opinion that Friends is one of the best sitcoms to ever air. It's a funny show about how six close friends get through their crazy lives living in New York City.

I really like these group of friends because you have each type of friend you could think of in one group. There's Phoebe, the odd masseuse who has a mysterious history, Joey, the aspiring actor who loves food, Monica, the chef and mom of the group who is EXTREMELY clean, Ross, the intelligent paleontologist that is very stubborn, Rachel, the spoiled brat who became an executive for Ralph Lauren, and Chandler, the funny guy of the group with a big heart. They got every type of friend you could have, and that combined with the funny situations they get themselves into is the reason why this show is still extremely successful after 24 years.

I remember the first episode I ever watched was "The One Where Underdog Gets Away". It was the first Thanksgiving episode the show had, and I thought it was so unfortunate that no one was happy with their plans. They all had grand plans for Thanksgiving that inevitably got ruined, so they all had to have Thanksgiving at Monica's even though all of the food burned. But in the end, they realized that this was for the best and that all they needed was each other. What a great ending to their first Thanksgiving episode!


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